• Alumni Night - Barrington Mega Quad 6PM

    Join Us Wednesday 11/22 6PM


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  • Volunteer Planning

    The Mat Club depends on volunteers to work at several fundraising events. It is this volunteer effort that allows the Mat Club to continue to fund the BHS Wrestling program so that our wrestlers get the support they need throughout the season and in the off-season. The volunteer effort only works if EVERYONE gets involved, from senior parents to the new and excited freshmen parents, and EVERYONE in between.

    The Mat Club has solicited input from parents every season and doing fundraising on a volunteer basis has ALWAYS been the preferred method of supporting the club. This is in contrast to some booster clubs that charge "fees" or schedule mandatory work slots. We have 4 volunteer efforts that parents can sign up for, 3 tournaments, and 1 coat check.

    For a wrestler to qualify for off season funding which may include Northwestern Team Camp, Team Building Excursions and subsidized weight training, the Mat Club expects for a parent to work 1 shift at 2 tournaments.

    The events we need volunteers for during the 2016 -17 Season are:

    November 24 & 25   TBD TBD
    Moore/Prettyman Tournament Sectional Tournament Disco Dance Coat Check Barrington Brawl
    2 Days 2 Days   1 Day
    Annual Team tournament held after Thanksgiving, parents work at the concessions and the hospitality room. IHSA Sectional, parents work at the concessions and hospitality room Parents work the coat check room, ensures smooth and secure location for students to check their coats/bags/shoes Parents needed to help run all aspects for this tournament, setup, weigh-in, bracketing, concessions, and cleanup. EVERYONE encouraged to assist
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  • 2017 Grappler Fall Classic

    Congratulations to the following placer winners:  Markus Hartman 1st, Daniel Rassmussen 4th, Luke Rassmussen 4th, Jaritt Shinhoster 8th

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  • Markus Hartman Double All American at 2017 Fargo Nationals

    Congratulations to Markus Hartman!  He placed 6th double All American in Freestyle and Greco at the 2017 Junior National Championships in Fargo ND. 



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  • Congrats to Freestyle State Placers

    Markus Hartman - 2nd Place Cadet (Fargo National Qualifier)

    Tucker Priola - 3rd Place Cadet

    Jack Hartman - 1st Place Schoolboy  

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  • Congratulations Tucker Priola

    Tucker Prioloa qualified for Fargo Nationals by placing second in the Central Plains Regional Tournament in Michigan. 

    Great Job!  

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  • Greco State Champs

    Congratulations to both Markus and Jack Hartman who each won the Greco Roman State Tournament at Lincolnway Central this past weekend. 

    Great Job Boys!

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  • Congratulations Jake Cysewski

    Jake Cysewski earned $1750 for the Wrestle for Rossi Memorial Scholarship.  It is a memorial scholarship for a former Prospect Wrestler who passed away.  Jake exemplifies a solid example of a wrestler in the classroom and on the mat.

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  • April 23, 2017 Barrington Brawl

    DATE: April 23rd 2017—Wrestling Starts at 9:00am SHARP!!

    SITE: Barrington HS - 616 W. Main Street • Barrington, IL 6001

    WEIGH-INS: Barrington High School, Scales Open 6:30AM – 8:00AM

    RULES: Schoolboy, Cadet, Juniors – Freestyle

    Bantam, Intermediate, Novice – Freestyle

    Wrestlers may wrestle up 1 division

    ENTRY DEADLINE: Register onsite (doors will open at 6:30AM) OR online at http://www.bhswrestling.org/tournaments/barrington-brawl

    FEE: $20.00 (cash, pay at the door OR online through PayPal) No refunds!!

    WRESTLING CARD: USA Wrestling card is required. (USA cards may be purchased at the door and will require credit card for processing) PLEASE BRING YOUR USA CARD AND LOGIN ID TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS

    COACHES CARD: Coaches cards are not required

    HEAD GEAR: Head gear is required for all divisions except Cadet and Juniors.

    FORMAT: Round Robin, 4 man bracket – Referee decisions final

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  • 2016-17 End of Season Banquet

    Thank you for a great season!  Congratulations to award winners:


    MVP: Trey Cysewski, Lucas Kozlowski, Dayven Shinhoster

    Most Improved: Ian East

    Bucking Bronco: Egan Pelak


    MVP: Rami Sakka

    Bucking Bronco: Sean Cleary

    Most Improved: Ryan Vetticad


    Captains: Jake Cysewski, Alex Crook, Markus Hartman

    Wap Award: Tucker Priola, Daniel Rasmussen

    GPA Award: Jake Cysewski

    Most Improved: Jake Cysewski

    Most Exciting Wrestler: Jake Meyer

    Best Match: Markus Hartman vs. Yayha Thomas of Mt. Carmel

    Most Exciting Match: Jaritt Shinhoster vs. Carlos Champagne of Marian Catholic

    MVP: Markus Hartman

    Rookie Award: Kai Conway

    GPA Scholarship: Jake Cysewski

    Coaches Choice Scholarship: Eric Padilla

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  • Fresh Soph State Placers


    Luke Rasmussen- 4th 

    Dayven Shinhoster - 7th


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  • Congratulations to Fresh/Soph State Qualifiers

    Trey Cysewski - 101lbs, 3rd Place

    Luke Rasmussen - 145lbs, 3rd Place

    Dayven Shinhoster - 160lbs, 2nd Place

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  • Markus Hartman - MSL Wrestler of the Year

    Markus has been selected by the MSL head coaches as MSL Wrestler of the Year for the West Division.  Congratulations!

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  • Register for Poeta off season training

    Team Poeta Freestyle - March 20 - June 9

    Barrington Sign Up $100 off

    Register at:  www.poetatrainingcenter.com/barringtonfreestyle.html


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  • 2017 Fresh/Soph Regional Results

    Congrats to our Fresh/Soph Wrestlers making to Sectionals:
    Trey Cysewski 2nd Place Freshman weight 101
    Luke Rasmussen 1st Place Freshman Weight 145
    Dayven Shinhoster 1st Place Freshman Weight 160
    Conor Prettyman 2nd Place Sophomore Weight 160
    Farouk Shaaban 3rd Place Freshman  Weight 220
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  • 2017 Banquet

    Let's celebrate!

    Location:  BHS Cafeteria

    Time:  6:30

    Main course and Drinks will be provided by the Mat Club

    Seniors please bring desserts.   Please nothing with Cinnamon.  If nuts please label. 
    Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors bring a side, salad or appetizer.
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  • Congratulations IHSA State Placers

    Markus Hartman - 145lbs 2nd Place , Jaritt Shinhoster - 132lbs 5th Place



    State Qualifiers:  Jaritt Shinholster, Markus Hartman, Jake Cysewski, Daniel Rassmussen


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  • 2017 State Qualifers

    Congratulations to the four Bronco Wrestlers who qualified for the state tournament this week in Champaign:

    132: Jaritt Shinhoster-3rd
    145: Markus Hartman-1st
    152: Jake Cysewski-2nd
    160: Daniel Rasmussen-2nd


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  • Varsity Team wins 2017 Regional Title

    Regional Champions - Congratulations Varsity Team!

    Individual placers advancing to Sectionals: 

    1st Place - Kai Conway, Tucker Prioloa, Jarit Shinhoster, Markus Hartman, Jake Cysewski, Daniel Rassmussen

    2nd Place - Luke Rassmussen, Jake Meyer, Alex Crook

    3rd Place - Jake Bentle

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  • 2017 Varsity Conference


    Team Conference - 2nd Place

    Team Division - 1st Place


    Individual Placers:

    Kai Conway - 1st

    Tucker Priola - 3rd

    Cael Dyer - 5th

    Connor Delahunt - 4th

    Jaritt Shinhoster - 1st

    Luke Rassmussen - 3rd

    Markus Hartman - 1st

    Jake Cysewski - 1st

    Daniel Rassmussen - 2nd

    Jake Meyer - 1st

    Conor Prettyman - 3rd

    Jesse Juarez - 5th

    Alex Crook - 3rd

    Eric Padilla -  4th

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  • JV & Freshman Conference Results

    JV placed third behind Conant and Wheeling in the Conference tournament held at Rolling Meadows. Placing second were Sean Cleary at 113, Ryan Vetticad at 152, Ryan Boundy at 160, and Jake Bentle at 195.


    Freshmen Conference Results
    1st: Barrington 239.50
    2nd: Wheeling 230.50
    3rd: Prospect 178.00

    Individual Awards
    100: Egan Pelak 2nd
    106: Trey Cysewski 1st
    126: Roberto Alvarez 5th
    132: Luke Kozlowski 1st
    138: Brandon Kane 5th
    145: Sam Merino 4th
    152: Ian East 2nd
    160: Dayven Shinhoster 1st
    170: Paul Kondraros 2nd
    182: Jay Silva 4th
    220: Evan Bradshaw 2nd
    285: Farouk Shabaan 4th

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  • 2016 Berman Results

    Varsity Team - 3rd Place


    Individual Placers

    Daniel Rassmussen - 1st

    Markust Hartman - 2nd

    Jaritt Shinhoster - 2nd

    Jake Meyer - 4th

    Alex Crook - 5th

    Kai Conway - 6th

    Tucker Priola - 6th

    Jake Cysewski - 7th


    Check out pictures from the tournament: http://www.bhswrestling.org/team/galleries/176-2016-berman-tournament



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  • Team title at Dick Mudge Invite

    The varsity team won 1st place at the Dick Mudge invite on Saturday by besting second place Libertyville by over 30 points.  Jarit Shinhoster (132), Markus Hartman (145), and Alex Crook (220) each won the tournament with Hartman being named the outstanding wrestler.  Everyone contributed to the title by winning at least one match and the following wresters placed at the invite as well:
    2nd:  Kai Conway, Dan Rasmussen, Jake Meyer
    3rd:  Jake Cysewski
    4th: Connor Delahunt, Luke Rasmussen
    5th:  Conor Prettyman
    6th:  Sean Cleary
    7th: Eric Padilla
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  • 1 Alumni Night - Barrington Mega Quad 6PM
  • 2 Volunteer Planning
  • 3 2017 Grappler Fall Classic
  • 4 Markus Hartman Double All American at 2017 Fargo Nationals
  • 5 Congrats to Freestyle State Placers
  • 6 2017 BHS Wrestling Kids Camp
  • 7 Congratulations Tucker Priola
  • 8 Boys volunteering at Feed My Starving Children event
  • 9 Greco State Champs
  • 10 Barrington Wrestlers volunteered at the Community Threads Thrift Store in Arlington Heights
  • 11 Congratulations Jake Cysewski
  • 12 April 23, 2017 Barrington Brawl
  • 13 2016-17 End of Season Banquet
  • 14 Fresh Soph State Placers
  • 15 March 25, 2017 Trojan Open
  • 16 April 2, 2017 Rolling Meadows Mustang Melee
  • 17 April 30, 2017 Sequoit Off-Season Slam
  • 18 Congratulations to Fresh/Soph State Qualifiers
  • 19 Markus Hartman - MSL Wrestler of the Year
  • 20 Register for Poeta off season training
  • 21 Register for ISI off season training
  • 22 2017 Fresh/Soph Regional Results
  • 23 2017 Banquet
  • 24 Congratulations IHSA State Placers
  • 25 2017 State Qualifers
  • 26 Varsity Team wins 2017 Regional Title
  • 27 2017 Varsity Conference
  • 28 JV & Freshman Conference Results
  • 29 2016 Berman Results
  • 30 Team title at Dick Mudge Invite

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