Off-Season Information

This page will summarize everything a wrestler or parent needs to know about the wrestling off season. From the day after team state ends until the first day of practice in November, there is a wide range of training and wrestling opportunities available.


No wrestler or family can attend every off season event there is, after the season ends set YOUR goals for off season.

Then create an off season plan that help you meet your goals. Talk to a coach, they CAN and WILL assist in planning an effective off season that fits your schedule and your goals

Read more: Goals


See Coach Hoving for information on nutritional studies directly related to athletes and wrestlers

Strength Training

The mat club organizes and subsidizes (with attendance requirements) a strength program that begins when school ends and will run throughout the off season.

Read more: Strength Training


Wrestling Training

Several training programs are available in the area, different programs will fit the needs of different wrestlers. Talk to BHS wrestlers that have attended the training programs for more info.




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