The Mat Club depends on volunteers to work at several fundraising events. It is this volunteer effort that allows the Mat Club to continue to fund the BHS Wrestling program so that our wrestlers get the support they need throughout the season and in the off-season. The volunteer effort only works if EVERYONE gets involved, from senior parents to the new and excited freshmen parents, and EVERYONE in between.

The Mat Club has solicited input from parents every season and doing fundraising on a volunteer basis has ALWAYS been the preferred method of supporting the club. This is in contrast to some booster clubs that charge "fees" or schedule mandatory work slots. We have 4 volunteer efforts that parents can sign up for, 3 tournaments, and 1 coat check.

For a wrestler to qualify for off season funding which may include Northwestern Team Camp, Team Building Excursions and subsidized weight training, the Mat Club expects for a parent to work 1 shift at 2 tournaments.

The events we need volunteers for during the 2015 -16 Season are:

November 24

November 25

February 9

February 10

Moore/Prettyman Tournament Sectional Tournament Disco Dance Coat Check Barrington Brawl
2 Days 2 Days   1 Day
Annual Team tournament held after Thanksgiving, parents work at the concessions and the hospitality room. IHSA Sectional, parents work at the concessions and hospitality room Parents work the coat check room, ensures smooth and secure location for students to check their coats/bags/shoes Parents needed to help run all aspects for this tournament, setup, weigh-in, bracketing, concessions, and cleanup. EVERYONE encouraged to assist

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