Hello Wrestling Family!

Not a lot of news to report since last time, except plans are being hashed for an online graduation with an outing for the seniors in the summer...if and when it is safe!  Summer camps are still posponed, and we will open the wresting room as soon as it is safe!

We will begin our "Circle Workout Series" this week via Zoom and the first workout will be led by Luke Rasmussen, This will take place Tuesday at noon. Evan Roper is on the hook for "Circle Workout #2" and that will happen at noon on Thursday via Zoom.  Please encourage your wrestler to join the workouts as the meeting ID and passwords will be posted on the Group Chat. 

Friday at noon will be Luke Rasmussen's "virtual signing" to wrestle in college at  North Dakota State University.  Wrestlers AND parents are welcome to join and the Zoom meeting ID and password is below:

Meeting ID:  864-6078-7437

Password:   422026

That's all for now, team!

Coach Ud