Hello Wrestling Family,

Happy summer and hopefully the end of E-Learning! I don't have much to report, but the IHSA did release a statement about the return to play for the state of Illinois...we are still a long way away from being able to practice wrestling, but ALL sports CAN gather together at the school to do non-sports specific conditioning drills without equipment.

 It is a far cry from what we would like to do, but at least it is a step in the right direction. The A.D. is working with our trainer to put together some workouts for ALL athletes at BHS.  I will let you know the times once I know more. I anticipate this to happen in a week or so. In the meantime, the boys should be working out on their own.

I have pasted part of the IHSA's statement below if you have not gotten a chance to read it:


I know there is a great deal of positive anticipation for our member schools to resume activities as quickly as possible. And I couldn’t agree more that our students need the direction and camaraderie that activities provide them. I would offer to everyone that we need to proceed with caution and according to the guidelines provided to us by our IHSA sports medicine advisory committee and the Illinois Department of Public Health. As we are now in Phase 3 of theRestore Illinois plan and want to get to Phase 4 on schedule, we must do our part as school leaders to ensure the safety of our students and coaches.

The guidelines we are sharing with you (attached) were developed by the IHSA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, reviewed and approved by the IHSA Board of Directors and approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health. I do want to emphasize these key points:

  • All activities of students with coaches during this Stage 1 Return to Play need to be approved by local school districts and local health departments.
  • When schools adhere to the guidelines of Stage 1 Return to Play, there is no use of summer contact days. Summer contact days are used when coaches and students are engaged in in-person skill of the sport instruction. Presently use of summer contact days remain suspended by action of the IHSA Board of Directors at their April board meeting.

I will keep you posted as I hear more.


Coach Ud

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