Hello BHS Wrestling Family!  

Hope you are all doing well on this fine, Sunday evening!  We are still wating to hear back on a few items from the IHSA,  (seems to be a theme here) so I will share what I know:

1.  The most important update is that ALL sports are allowed to have 20 contact days from September 7th-October 31st.  BHS is going to have sport "camps" where the boys will sign up for a particular sport camp and then they will workout with their sport.    We are still working out times and days for the camp, but we are shooting for lifting on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the weight room and working out in the wrestling gym on Wednesdays. We would like as many boys to sign up as possible so we can begin training together!  If the restrictions say there are too many wrestlers in one place then we will make two sessions!  You should be receiving registration information soon from the Athletic Director, and I will blast out the details as they become available.

2.  There is no "kick off" picnic this year, so please keep checking your email for the Sunday Wrestling Blast. 

3.  We are starting to alter the wrestling schedules due to the Covid restrictions, and we will update you once we hear more from the IHSA


Other than that...we really miss seeing the boys and doing "normal" wrestling and school things!


Coach Ud

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