Hello Wrestling Family!

Hopefully we are all getting used to E-Learning and getting into a routine after our first full week of school. I don't know if I will ever get "used" to E-Learning, but I will be happy if all of my Zoom links work for my classes!   Please see below for information regarding our fall contact days:  

** Our fall "contact" days will begin the week of September 7th and will run until the end of October,  and we will be training after school Tuesday-Thursday.  Tuesday and Thursday we will be lifting weights in the weight room and Wednesday we will be working out in the wrestling gym.   You should all be recieving registration information this week from the Athletic Director with directions on how to sign up.  Please sign up ASAP because they are going to cap the number of wrestlers that can sign up.  I have alredy told the boys this information via Group Me, so this information is for adults!

ALL sports (besides the ones in season currently) will be doing "contact days" during this time, so athletes can only do one camp.  If you are in multiple sports and chose to do another camp there will be no hard feelings!  We are happy you will be working out!  Of course, if you are not in another sport we expect you to sign up for the wrestling camp.

That's all for now!

Coach Udchik

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