Hello Wrestling Family,

We hope you are doing well on this fine Sunday!  We are hoping to hear some news about this upcoming season at the IHSA Board meeting in a couple of weeks. As it stands now the wrestling season in scheduled to begin in November, which is not likely. 

The wrestling coaches in Illinois were urged to contact the director of the IHSA, Craig Anderson, to express our support for moving the season to April.  Craig got back to me and said moving the season to April in hopes of having a state series "makes alot of sense."  

As a result, we are hopeful that the season will be moved to April.  

In the meantime, we are gearing up for our "Ad Sales" Fundraiser.  

Below are the details:

We are asking local businesses and families to support the wrestling program by purchasing an ad for our tournament program.  We usually have the program for our famous "Moore Prettyman" Tournament in November and again for our Sectional Tournament in February.

The Moore has officially been cancelled for November and Sectionals is "up in the air," but we ARE going to sell program ads.

 Here is how YOU can help:

1.  Purchase a FAMILY ad for your wrestler.  You can include a short note to him and also a current or former (even better ;) ) wrestling photo to offer your support this season.  Seniors will have a special photo and interview in the program as a keepsake.

2.  You can ask local businesses to purchase an ad, OR purchase an ad if you work for or own a business. For example, I ask our yoga studio, apparrel vendors, and my chiropractor to support the BHS wrestling program by purchasing an ad.

3.  Be a part of our "ad sales" committee.  President Corey Meyer and Craig Chapa are heading up the committee and can use your help contacting previous and potential donors for ads. No experience with sales is necessary! We are not sure IF and WHEN the season will happen, but we know there are many parents and businesses that are willing to help the team as they have in the past!  

 Please consider helping with one of the above options.  

Here is the link to our pricing flyer, and feel free to print and share!


Weekly Events:

Tuesday and Thursday:  lifting after school in the wrestling gym (Tuesday is the ACT for seniors so they will be in the building)

Wednesday:  Conditioning in the wrestling gym after school  (if it's nice we will be outside but it looks like it will be chilly).

Please wear your workout clothes and bring a water bottle and towel for the workout.  You wil need your phone and the "Train Heroic" App. for the lifting sessions

Thanks, Coach Ud

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