Hello Wrestling Family!

The school has been working madly over the last few weeks to make sure the building is ready to begin "in-person" learning tomorrow.  We will all say our prayers and keep our fingers crossed that it goes well!  

Here are the weekly updates:

** We will be lifting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.  We will not be in the wrestling gym for "awhile" because the food service is staging lunches there for the students because the cafeteria is off limits

** The IHSA is meeting tomorrow and the wrestling season is on the agenda.  The season is scheduled to begin in November, but we are hoping it gets moved to April.  We will give an update at the next Mat Club meeting.  Speaking of...

** The Mat Club meeting  is scheduled for NEXT Monday at 6:30 P.M. via Zoom and ALL are welcome! We had record attendance last month due to Zoom and would love to see you all again.  I will send out the link with next Sunday's blast.  

That's all for now!

Coach Ud

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