Hello Wrestling Family!

Happy Sunday and we just finished cleaning up our "Barrington Brawl" Freestyle Tournament!  

We had over 10 high school kids wrestle, some wrestling freestyle for the first time! Way to get better, boys!

Also, thanks to the wrestlers and parents who volunteered yesterday and today! This is a low-key tournament, but it's always difficult to find volunteers due to spring sports and many other factors!  

What a great group we have!!!

Please see below for the weekly schedule and for important updates:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:  Lifting after school with Coach Kuiper

Tuesday and Thursday:  Open mats in the wrestling gym at 6 P.M.  All are invited and encouraged to attend!

Saturday:  "Match Day" at Grant High School...see flyer below:

Click HERE for Grant Flyer

Sunday:  Wheeling Freestyle Tournament...see flyer below:

Click HERE for Wheeling Flyer

Note:  we understand the kids are busy in the off-season, but your son/daughter should continue to train with us unless they are in a spring sport.

It is no coincidence that the kids on the podium in Champaign most ALL have done off-season wrestling!  Brian Beers is a great example of this!

The coaches can encourage the boys to attend off season workouts and competitions, but it HAS to come from them to go and do it!  

Many of our conference opponents are doing the off-season and they have had good individual and team results!

 Let's get after in the off-season so we can get back to winning conference and making team state again!


Coach Ud