Greetings, BHS Wrestling Families,

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend the Code Night yesterday.  

As promised from our Mat Club President Christine, below is a list of all the areas where we need help.  Please consider signing up for at least one shift as we still have many openings to fill!

Highest priority is the Moore-Prettyman volunteer shifts.  Please use this link to view open positions and sign up. We grately appreciate the help and cannot host 33 wrestling team, coaches, referees and spectators without you.

We just kicked off the GoFundMe campaign.  It will run for approximately 3 weeks.  Your son/daughter will be asked to help raise funds for the program by reaching out to family and friends.  Please see the GoFundMe link for more information.

The Mat Club has a few merchandise items for sale.  Please see the flyer for details.  Also the yard sign order form can be found here.  All yard sign orders and payments are due by November 30, no exceptions.

We need 2 volunteers to run the Youth Night Welcome Table on December 2.  This involves welcoming the youth wrestlers and families, having them sign in, filling out a raffle ticket and giving them a concession coupon. Please reach out to me if you are able to help. 

We need a parent of a non-senior wrestler to coordinate the Senior Night gifts/flowers on January 13,2023.  I personally did this last year and can walk whomever volunteers this year through that process.  Again, please reach out to me if you are interested in helping with this event.

In the past the wrestling program has run a fundraiser using Super Bowl Squares and March Madness Squares.  We are interested in doing this fun event again and have the information on how to run it but we still need a volunteer.

If you are interested in helping manage the BHS wresting website, please reach out to one of the board members.  Currently Sri is working two board positions: treasurer and website manager.

Next year the Secretary position will be open.  I am happy to have the future secretary shadow me during the season to understand what the position entails, thus making the transition easier.

Lastly, Marco Fernandez has offered to help take photos of the wrestlers throughtout the season. Looking for a few more volunteers as there are times when the different levels are at various locations and we would like to have photos of all levels.  Please let me know if you enjoy taking photos and what level your wrestler is at so we can coordinate getting all the levels covered.

Sorry for the lengthy email.  I know there was a lot here.  As you can see, this is more than the four board members can do alone.  All of this helps provide the essentials for all the wrestlers and the program.  Please consider helping wherever you can. 

Many hands make light work.

Thank you


Mat Club Secretary