This will be a test message as this is my first time using this so hopefully this comes through ok.  Just wanted to answer a few questions that have come up from some of the wrestlers and parents.  If you plan on wrestling at Stevenson Dual Tournament weigh-ins are at 7:30 at Stevenson (I will try and be there by 7 but anytime before 7:30 works), I figured it would be easier if we just all meet at Stevenson, but if the concensus is we should meet at Barrington and caravan over we can do that also.  The flier says to park in Lot D I am hoping they have signs or coaches directing us were we need to go as Stevenson is a rather large campus.  I don't know what our exact lineup will be yet but they will have 2 mats for exhibition matches and my number 1 concern on Saturday is getting in as many matches as we can so even if we can't get everyone in the 14 man lineup we will get matches in.  The fee for the wrestlers will be free as the Booster Club was generous enough to cover our entry fee.  Also I am going to bring a laundry bag with our Barrington signlets and then after you wrestle your last match I will collect the signlet back until winter.  Hope this answers any questions that you may have, if something comes up that I didn't address please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or reach out to me at 847-903-1310. Can't wait for Satuday.

-Coach Keller