We have a big time addition to our schedule for next season.  We had Dekalb reach out to us and ask if we woud like to fill a last minute opening in the Flavin dual team tournament.  This is one of the top tournaments in the state of Illinois, and the competition level is second to none.  Just last season the tournament featured 4 nationally ranked teams, 5 of the state trophy teams from 3a and 2a, and teams from 3 different states.  The tournament will be on December 29th and December 30th over our winter break.  I know that some families may have already made plans to get away for winter break, but as I stated at our introduction meeting unfortunity we are a sport that falls over winter break and we need to make sure we are improving over break.  Obviously if a family has a vacation planned we would never hold that against a wrestler, but they are going to miss our on wrestling some of the top level competition.  We think this is a huge opportunity for our program and a tournament that we need to be a part of if we are going to reach the full potential that we can as a program.