Thank you to everyone that was able to attend the Code Night yesterday.   I have linked Coach Keller’s presentation here.  You can also find the code night youtube video linked here.


**The Moore Prettyman tournament is 2 weeks away and we need HELP! Below is a list of all the areas where we need help.  Please consider signing up for at least one shift (more if possible) as we still have many openings to fill!  There are many many opening on Saturday.  We greatly appreciate the help and cannot host 32 wrestling teams, coaches, referees and spectators without you.  Please note… middle schoolers are welcome to volunteer and get volunteer hours, but please only have them sign up for concessions selling.  We need at least 1 ADULT per shift in the concession area. Depending on volunteers, we may need to move some people around.

Friday November 24

-6:00AM-9:00AM-kitchen food prep (ADULT) 

(1) make taco meat/pretzels, 

(1)make breakfast sandwiches

-10:00-2:00- Kitchen chef ADULT

-11:00-3:00 concessions –ADULT OR STUDENT (3)

Wrestling room food runner- ADULT (1)

-12:00-3:00 concessions ADULT OR STUDENT (1)

Kitchen prep- ADULT (2)

-3:00-6:00 kitchen prep ADULT (2)

-6:00-8:00 kitchen prep and cleaning ADULT (2)

Saturday November 25

-6:00-9:00 Kitchen prep ADULT 

(1) prep fruit/salad

(1) make taco/pretzels 

(1)make breakfast sandwiches 

(1) help Fedij family make breakfast for wrestlers 

(1) cut vegetables/sandwiches

concessions prep and sales 2 ADULTS MINIMUM (4)

-7:00-9:30 set up breakfast for wrestlers ADULT (1)

-9:00-12:00 Concessions ADULT (1)

Kitchen prep ADULT (1)

-10:00-2:00 chef for kitchen ADULT (1)


set up and serve food for hospitality room ADULT (4)

Wrestling room food runner ADULT (2)


concessions ADULT OR STUDENT (1)

Kitchen food prep (ADULT (2)

-3:00-6:00  kitchen clean up ADULT (2)

-4:00-7:00 carry bins to coaches office after tournament ADULT OR STRONG STUDENT (2)

**Our "Ad Sales Fundraiser" that was discussed last night has begun and it is our biggest fundraiser of the year where we sell ad space for our tournament programs to local businesses.   Hard deadline for the ad book is Monday November 13. Please don't hesitate in submitting your ad.

If you know of a local business or if you have a business that would like to advertise in our program please consider reaching out to them or becoming a sponsor yourself.  

  • The current ad contract for businesses can be found here
  • Screenshot_2023-11-09_at_11.59.00_AM.png

Additionally, we have "shoutouts" you can purchase for your son or daughter…this would entail submitting a picture of him or her and a "good luck" wish for the season. The information about this type of ad can be found here.




**The Mat Club will be selling yard signs.  See here for order form.  Please complete the form in it’s entirety and send to Julie Dillon jnddillon@gmailcom Payment is via venmo (@BHSmatclub) or mail a check to 726 Plum Tree Rd   Barrington Hills.  The due date for the yard signs will be Friday November 17 at 4 PM. 


We think that is it FOR NOW :)