BHS Wrestlers that show dedication to the sport of wrestling, and have proven to be an excellent representative of the BHS wrestling program are eligible for awards. Wrestlers that participated in the BBWC youth program may be eligible for awards presented by BBWC.

2021-2022 Scholarship Winners

  • GPA Scholarship: Zach Meyer
  • Coaches' Choice Scholarship: Brian Beers
  • Ryan Wilt Memorial Award: Phillip Chapa

2020-2021 Scholarship Winners

  • GPA Scholarship: Marko Hennin
  • Coaches' Choice Scholarship: Draven Cole
  • Ryan Wilt Memorial Award: Marko Hennin

2019-2020 Scholarship Winners

  • GPA Scholarship: Trey Cysewski
  • Coaches' Choice Scholarship: Luke Rasmussen
  • Ryan Wilt Memorial Award: Steven Alton

2018-2019 Scholarship Winners

  • GPA Scholarship: Ryan Vetticad
  • Coaches' Choice Scholarship: Patrick Mantansky
  • Ryan Wilt Memorial Award: Sean Cleary

2016-2017 Scholarship Winners

  • GPA Scholarship: Jake Cysewski
  • Coaches Choice Scholarship: Eric Padilla


2015-2016 Scholarship Winners

  • Mitchell Stathakis (by the Mat Club)
  • Nicholas Zawisza (by the Mat Club)
  • Max Guhde (by the BBWC)


2014-2015 Scholarship Winners

  • Charlie Erdman  (by Mat Club)
  • Christian Kazanowski  (by Mat Club)


2013-2014 Scholarship Winners

  • Matthew Conrad (by Mat Club)
  • Patrick Sweeney (by Mat Club)


2012-2013 Scholarship Winners

  • Ben Calamari (by BBWC)
  • Mark Shealy (by BBWC)